20: Cataclysms and Catechisms*
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Russell Crowe is back in theaters, and apparently destroying music in Les Miserables wasn’t enough for him, because now he’s trampling on the story of Noah and the rest of the Bible too—or at least that’s what some of your Facebook friends think. We’ll get there, but first we’ve got a lightning round to shock you with.Hollywood is Dying; Long Live the Indie SceneThe recent SXSW show may have struck a huge blow for a topic dear to the Screeners’ hearts: the democratization of filmmaking. A distribution company called VHX marked the end of their private beta, declaring open season on their platform for indie content creators everywhere. A marketplace like this could be the difference between an audience of 10 and one of 10,000 or more…so when will we see Chris’s first Michael Bay fan fiction hit our computer screens?From something all the Screeners seem to care about, we move to something pretty much no one does—the cast for the new Fantastic Four movie. The only reason we’re talking about it is because the…