54: Marvel Methodically Makes More Money
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Another month, another Marvel movie. They’re a machine at this point—the kind of machine they keep at the US Mint. They say money doesn’t grow on trees, but they clearly haven’t seen the trees on the Marvel Studios lot.But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. Before we go all Confederateless Civil War on you, we have a single Jump Cut to kick off this episode. Your Facebook feed may or may not have recently been bombarded with ads for a new twist on video streaming lately—if not, the Screeners here to fill you in. VidAngel is a service that claims to rent SD movies (those are still a thing?) for $1 and the HD version for $2, with the added bonus that you can edit them to your heart’s content to remove anything you find objectionable.Is this a good idea? Is it legal? Would anyone consider using something like this? All these questions and more will be…well, they’ll at least be mentioned in our longest Jump Cut ever.No Thor, but We’ll Always Have HawkeyeOK, main event time. They thought about waiting until it…