19: Aphorisms, and the Characters Who Love Them
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The Screeners are back yet again to stare into the abyss of media and see if it stares back—and if you recognize that reference, our main event is right down your alley. If you don’t…listen anyway. We managed to record an episode within a month of the last one; we feel we deserve some credit.Anywho…Jump Cuts.The Segment Formerly Known as Jump CutsEvery episode, the Screeners introduce the rules of their lightning round, then they proceed to ignore those rules. It’s become a tradition at this point. We blame Chad, right? Sure, why not? In fact, the first two topics this time took so long that they’re the only “jump” “cuts” we have this episode. They’re doozies, though.As you may have noticed if you pay attention to video games or browse the Internet from time to time, Titanfall, the new darling of the Xbox One, was released last week to much hype and fanfare. Chris and Chad went to the store immediately and begged to have their money taken; Josh, however, is slightly more stubborn (in case you hadn’t…