35: Superheroes—the New Normal
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Welcome back to another irregularly scheduled episode of the Screeners Podcast! It’s been awhile, but we’ll be better from now on, we promise! C’mon, you can trust us…when have we ever let you down? OK, so there was that one time, but you know we didn’t mean it—wait, no, don’t go; we’re serious this time!Jokes aside, though, this episode marks a new chapter for the Screeners: We’re adding a new cast member! Introducing new co-hosts makes it easier for at least four Screeners to be available to record a new episode, so everyone wins. Look for us to be adding about 50 more in the coming months; that should keep us nice and regular. Everyone say hi to Daniel!Nothing New Under the SunFor such a long time away, the Screeners have realized they don’t have a lot to talk about. They must’ve been too busy preparing for tonight’s double-header review. The best they can come up with is a couple trailers from Comic-Con: Batman vs. Superman and Suicide Squad. If you haven’t seen them yet, take a couple minutes and head…