38: The Eyes of a Madman (Plus Another Horror Movie)
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September 22, 2015
Sadly, Melody’s not around for this episode, but the four guys have promised to try to argue enough to fill her role as the most belligerent Screener. We’ll have one fewer segment than normal for this episode, but there’s plenty of content to make up for it.Past Its Prime (Time)First off, late night TV has a new face in its roster. There have been profiles about Colbert and analysis of the dog-eat-dog comedy world he’s entering, but the Screeners (at least, the ones who still have ‘cords’, since you know how hard it is to watch network TV online…) have politely waited until his show started to pass judgement. It’s been a week, though, so gloves off. Has he changed anything for the better, or is it more of the same?And since that was a reasonably interesting and timely discussion, we decided to let Chris ask a question. We’re not quite sure what happened next, but we remember it was something about physical media and that Josh had to make something up because he’s maybe watched a grand total of one DVD…