1: The Oscars…and a grouch
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Wave to the camera - err, microphone Any good pilot has to establish some characters, so the Screeners start out by introducing themselves. Josh leads with a story illustrating his questionable credentials as a movie critic, and everyone else points out that he’s also bad at telling stories. C’mon, just a quick sound byte… Up next is the lightning round - a round-robin question-and-answer where the only rule is that every host is given one minute or less to…ignore that they’re supposed to answer within one minute. Should JJ Abrams be directing Star Wars? What movies are you looking forward to this year? If you were writing a fan-fiction spinoff of Breaking Bad, which illegal substance would you have the main character produce? Only one of those wasn’t an actual question; don’t you wish you knew which one? And the winner is… Since the Oscars have dominated media news lately, much of the episode is devoted to discussing the nominees for some of the main (and not-so-main) categories, the winners, and those who…