Bonus Episode: Ant Man and the Wasp
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There are so many of these now that we’re going to have to start coming up with tiers of Marvel movie. Infinity War is on the “almost satirically large cast” end of the spectrum, which puts the first Ant Man closer to “wait; that was a Marvel movie?” OK, fine—we’ll come up with catchier names, but you’ll have to wait for them; you can’t rush genius. Anyway, where were we? Oh, right; Paul Rudd. We’ve loved him at least since Almost Famous—wait; that wasn’t Paul Rudd? We’ve been living a lie! Seriously, though. Ant Man’s a real superhero—like, Stan Lee real. He has a nemesis named the Wasp, which is both entomologically sound (depending on the species, of course) and makes for a convenient movie title, Ant Man and the Wasp…What’s that you say? No, the studio is not phoning it in, and we’ll thank you to take your heresy elsewhere. Superheroes, though, so Chris and Daniel are in. Should you be? Tune in and find out, then hop over to Facebook and suggest your own names for levels of the Marvel movie taxonomy. If…