Beverly Meyer: The Importance of Vitamin K and Why You’re Probably Not Getting Enough
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Today’s podcast is a conversation I had with a wonderful fount of knowledge, Beverly Meyer. Beverly has been a client of natural health therapies since 1972. After a successful but exhausting career in business (with interviews in Glamour, Venture, Entrepreneur and Inc.), she devoted herself full-time to the study and practice of health therapies. She’s been helping clients with a wide variety of health problems ever since. On today’s show we’re chatting about the very undervalued vitamin - Vitamin K, and the role its lack plays in all kinds of physical conditions from facial and mouth bone abnormalities to fertility and pregnancy. No matter what you’ve heard about Vitamin K in the past, you’re sure to hear something you didn’t know on this podcast episode. Beverly’s story of the discovery of Vitamin K’s importance in the human diet. Around the age of 61 Beverly discovered that her narrow palate was at the root of issues she was experiencing - anxiety, heart issues, etc. The shape of her jaw (V-shaped…