52 – Download Everything
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After a way–to-long hiatus due to some bad craziness with moving, promotions, and upgrades… The Cyberpunk Librarian is back! Join Dan as he shares his tools and techniques for downloading massive amounts of, well… everything! YouTube Listen to this episode on YouTube. Links WordPress.org – My CMS of choice Seriously Simple Podcasting -Podcasting with WordPress Zapier – A Zap to add images to Dropbox by liking them on Tumblr Save File To – Manage your downloads (For Firefox) Image-Toolbar – Save images to the right place the first time (For Chrome) DownThemAll – Gimme it! It’s mine! (For Firefox) Bulk Image Downloader – Get all the images! (For Chrome) Multi File Downloader – Get all the things! (For Chrome) The developer of DownThemAll gives his non-candy-coated opinion about the move to WebExtensions. youtube-dl – It downloads videos so damn well! Homebrew – It’s like apt for Mac and it’s pretty awesome Knightwise episode KW807 – In which Knightwise covers youtube-dl in depth A killer script to do…