26 – Busy Hands
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Projects at work and projects at home! Join Daniel Messer, the Cyberpunk Librarian, for a look at some of the things he’s working on for money and for fun. Raspberry Pis, LAMPs, Minecraft, and more. After all, busy hands are happy hands! Links KnightWise.com community on Google+ Raspberry Pi Kiosk Screen Tutorial Cherokee Web Server – an easy to set up and use webserver managed through the browser PhraseExpress – an excellent text expansion app for Windows AutoHotkey – powerful scripting made easier Slide Code Generator for Polaris – my AutoHotkey script to generate slide codes for the Polaris PowerPAC Install LAMP stack on Ubuntu based systems Installing phpMyAdmin on Ubuntu based systems – Because I don’t speak SQL very well Coppermine – a fantastic, FOSS image gallery app for the web WordPress – my CMS of choice Anchor CMS – beautiful, simple blogging and content management Setting up a Minecraft server on Linux Notes To disable screen blanking and screen savers on Raspbian for Raspberry Pi, you need to…