17 – Making a Display By Yourself
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Ever want a big, digital sign in your library but didn’t want to have to pay big money to get it? Well if you have a couple old computers and a monitor, the Cyberpunk Librarian has the answer to your digital signage needs! Notes Getting up and running with Xibo What you will need A computer running Linux that will act as your server Another computer running Windows A monitor or flat panel HDTV for your digital displays The Server For my server, I ran Kubuntu and installed a LAMP stack. (LAMP is short for Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP.) For Ubtuntu based flavours, you can easily install LAMP via: sudo apt-get install tasksel sudo tasksel install lamp-server As it installs, it will ask for a password for MySQL. Give it one and write it down. Put that password someplace safe. You won’t need it all that often, but when you need it, you need it. Download the Xibo server Xibo client for Windows or Linux Installing and running Note: To make things easier to move around, rename, copy, and store; I opened up a…