35 – Marky Markdown and the Funky Bunch
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Join us for a new episode of Cyberpunk Librarian where we dig into the markup language that is Markdown. You too can write rich text in a plain text editor and easily share it online! It’s easy to learn and easy to use and will change the way you look at plain text! Correction: In the episode I credit Aaron Swartz as a co-creator of Markdown, working with John Gruber. In reality, Swartz was an important early tester, but not a co-creator of Markdown. Thanks to Steve Thomas of Circulating Ideas for the correction! Links Markdown Syntax by John Gruber – This is where it all begins. A bunch of great tutorials and information about Markdown from Design Shack Dillinger.io – An online Markdown editor. (Special thanks to Knight Wise of the Knightwise.com podcast for the tip!) MarkdownPad – For Windows MacDown – For OS X Haroopad – For Linux Byword – For iOS Draft – For Android My shownotes in raw Markdown Music Bellydance at Ebisu by Ryo Miyashita Infinitive Sight by Fortadelis Lullaby by _ghost Under Whispering…