55 – At Odds With Odds and Ends
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Holy crap! Cyberpunk Librarian is back! On this episode, Dan talks about the projects that have been holding up the show and what’s going on in his life. It’s a conversation over coffee with your friendly neighbourhood Cyberpunk Librarian! YouTube Listen to the show on YouTube. Links Blogging Blog post: Blogging, RSS, and Social Network Failure Blog post: Taking Notes — A New Approach to the Shows Blog post: Organizationally Stacked Facebook Is a Garbage Fire The Oatmeal – Reaching People on the Internet GeekWire – ‘The Oatmeal’ creator rips Facebook in comic — and Facebook asks if he wants to ‘boost’ the post RSS Readers QuiteRSS — Free, open source RSS reader for Linux, Windows, and macOS Reeder and Unread – Inexpensive RSS readers for iOS Reeder — Inexpensive RSS reader for macOS Flym and Read – RSS readers for Android Brief – A free, open source RSS reader for Firefox – WebExtensions and Firefox 56+ compatible FeedBin and Feedly – RSS readers on the web – Premium, but inexpensive services that sync…