16 – Cypherpunk Librarian
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Join Daniel Messer as he goes cypherpunk and talks about keeping yourself secure and private online and in the digital world. Notes and Links Use a VPN. Private Internet Access ProXPN TorGuard Secure Browsing Use incognito or privacy mode Use Firefox over Chrome TOR Browser AdBlock Plus Privacy Badger Mobile ChatSecure – Secure chat with Google and XMPP (Android and iOS) TextSecure – Secure SMS and MMS (Android only) RedPhone – Secure calling (Android only) Cryptocat – Secure group chat (iOS only) Wickr – Secure chat with optional time bomb to delete after given time (Android and iOS) Connec+ +or – Secure browsing for Android Red Onion – TOR for iOS As an aside, Facetime and iMessage on iOS are end-to-end encrypted. Secure Email Hush Mail Bitmessage GPG Leave No Trace TAILS – The Amnesiac Incognito Live System Used by Glenn Greenwald and Edward Snowden. Runs on a flash drive (I wear mine around my neck) Completely anonymous, as it goes around the computer’s hard drive. Uses TOR Encrypts your userspace Or use…