50 – Spirit in the Framework
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FIFTY EPISODES?! Can you believe it? The show is over three years old and, with fifty episodes on the books, Dan decided to do something special! Join the Cyberpunk Librarian for a look at one the best pieces of cyberpunk art ever created and one of the greatest cyberpunk stories ever crafted. Kore wa, Kōkaku Kidōtai: Gosuto in za Sheru. YouTube Listen on YouTube Links Can I Stream It – Find out where you can watch or buy Ghost in the Shell online. Matrix Revisited – xkcd on how it’s too bad they never made any sequels to The Matrix. Can I Stream It – Find out where you can watch or buy The Matrix online. Music Spectrum (Subdiffusion Mix) by Foniqz Ecstasy X by Jason Shaw Grenfeld by Global Goon Dimension by Creo Bellydance at Ebisu by Ryo Miyashita Making of a Cyborg from the Ghost in the Shell OST by Kenji Kawai Lum no Love Song from Urusei Yatsura by Kobayashi Izumi. Performed by Matsutani Yuuko Jokyoku from Ranma 1/2 the Movie: Big Trouble in Nekonron China by Kenji Kawai No Guts, No Glory (The…