41 – So Be It Resolved
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The Cyberpunk Librarian returns with a show about new year’s goals and self improvement! Find out what he’s got on the agenda for 2016 and stay tuned throughout the year to see how he’s doing with his resolutions! YouTube Listen to the show on YouTube Links Hearing Voices: Librarian Produced Podcasts – A feature in American Libraries magazine by the amazing Steve Thomas, of Circulating Ideas. Circulating Ideas on Patreon – Check out the Patreon for Circulating Ideas and give ’em your love and support! ASP.Net MVC – So I need to learn more about this. Python – And I need to learn some more of this. The View from Amalthea – My album of ambient and space music. Listen to it and/or buy it on Bandcamp or download everything for free from my SoundCloud. Drone Zone – Pure ambient awesomeness from Soma FM. Mission Control – Ambient tunes with communications from space. It’s like space nerd paradise. Hyperlinked History – A popular history book I wrote a while back. (That’s “popular” as in Popular Science not…