27 – Pretty Pictures, Better Design
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Join Dan for an episode full of tips, tricks, tools, and techniques for creating better graphic design! After all, you don’t want a dumb looking sign in your library! Put some thought into your design and it’ll show in the end result! Links Books worth checking out Thou Shall Not Use Comic Sans – Amazon | WorldCat Graphic Design: The New Basics – Amazon | WorldCat Websites worth clicking Have a look at some beautiful examples of De Stijl. Behance Graphic Design Portfolios are great places for some ideas and inspiration! Smashing Magazine goes in-depth about design tips and tools. Hack Design will teach you about graphic and web design via email! The Design Blog is another fantastic place for ideas. Identifont will help you discover great fonts and replacements for fonts you don’t have. Library Signage gives you the good, the bad, and the OMG of library sign design. Software worth your while Office 365 Personal and/or Home editions will get you the latest versions of Microsoft Office direct from the source.…