49 – Workplace Ambience
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November 21, 2016
Turn on, tune in, and chill out as Dan takes you on a trip through the sounds of ambient and space music! Put your mind at rest, lay back, and let the sound flow over and around you. Relax and get more done thanks to the soundscapes and cosmic wonder of ambient music. Dan delivers the info on where to find the best ambient tunes and offers a sampler of some of the best in the genre. YouTube Listen to the show on YouTube. Links Ambient Internet Radio Stations Drone Zone Space Station Soma Deep Space One Mission Control Doomed SF 10-33 The Silent Channel StillStream Radio Mystic The Ambient Music Subreddit The Space Music Subreddit The Dark Ambient Subreddit Podcasts The Hypnagogue Podcast Ambient Soundbath Playlists My Ambient Appetizer playlist – On Spotify 24 hours of beautiful ambient and space music – On Spotify 192 hours of beautiful ambient and space music – On Spotify Musicians Steve Roach – Music from The Magnificent Void – Spotify | YouTube Lucette Bourdin – Music from Radiant Stars – More on…