34 – What I Use: OS X
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Drink the Kool Aid, or take a bite of the Apple, or something like that! Dan gets into the nitty gritty of how he gets it done on his MacBook and what he uses on a regular basis! Links Online Firefox (open source) Reeder Microsoft Remote Desktop Transmission (open source) Multimedia Creation Pixelmator GarageBand Logic Pro X Final Cut Pro iMovie Compressor Writing and Coding TextWrangler Evernote MacDown (open source) LibreOffice (open source) Keynote Utility aText OneDrive VeraCrypt (open source) Entertainment Clementine (open source) Spotify VLC (open source) Music Watching Whales on the Moon by Lee Roesevere Illogical Boogie by Coconut Monkeyrocket Namaste by Jason Shaw Belly Dance at Ebisu by Ryo Miyashita