44 – Portable Piracy
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Dive into the awesome, portable Raspberry PirateBox, a version of the classic PirateBox running on a Raspberry Pi! Dan’s got the information and the ideas to get you started on your own PirateBox project! YouTube Listen to the show on YouTube Links PirateBox – Begin at the beginning. Raspberry PirateBox – Build a PirateBox from a Pi! Raspberry PirateBox modification ideas – Take it to another level. LibraryBox – The LibraryBox, an offshoot of the PirateBox. Recommended battery packs – Go mobile. Merkury Innovations Battery Pack – The model I use seems to be discontinued, but this is pretty close. PuTTY – Because Windows only recently acquired ssh capabilities. Episode 39 – About Raspberry Pis and digital signage. How to Flash an SD Card for Raspberry Pi – A great guide for all operating systems. How not to disguse your PirateBox Kareha – Like 4chan, but with Perl. PirateBox radio – IceCast FTW! r/piratebox – The PirateBox subreddit. Music Runtime Error by Peter Sharp Cylinder Three by Chris Zabriskie Hallon…