51 Part Two – Burner
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February 27, 2017
Dan returns with part two of episode 51 where he finishes up the topic of burner laptops with some software recommendations to keep yourself safe and private in cyberspace and in meatspace! YouTube Listen to the show on YouTube. Join me! Imzy – Join the community on Imzy! Facebook – Or find me on Facebook! @bibrarian – Talk to me on Twitter! Google+ – Google+ is still alive! Or just email me – cyberpunklibrarian (at) protonmail (dot) com Links uBlock Origin – An ad blocker that’s not too hard on your RAM or CPU. Privacy Badger – Blocks trackers and advertisements too. From the good folks at the EFF. HTTPS Everywhere – Putting the S back on the end of HTTP. Encrypted connections whenever possible. NoScript Security Suite – Shut down unnecessary scripts and prevent cross-site scripting and clickjacking. DuckDuckGo – Because your search engine shouldn’t follow you around the web. DuckDuckGo Bangs – Search everything from one site. A Beginner’s Guide to TOR – Getting started with TOR and what it’s all about.…