24 – Delicious 3.14159
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Raspberry Pis have taken the maker and geek world by storm! Little, inexpensive computers that can do so many great things? Yeah that has a lot of possibilities within the library! Join Dan and discover a project he’s working on that involves a Raspberry Pi. Notes Outline for what I’ve done for a digital shelf talker unit powered by Raspberry Pi. Raspberry Pi Model B – uses a MicroSD and has four USB ports Using a kit I found on Amazon. Links in the shownotes The great thing about this kit isn’t just the case and plugs but also the WiFi plug. That’s what you really need for a project like this. Screenly OSE Managed through web browser Displays slides, MP4s, and websites as a digital signage solution Easier to use and set up than Xibo. I love it! OSE is the FOSS edition, there is a paid solution with more spiffs – check it out Using the custom image found on Screenly OSEs website, I flashed that to the SD card using Win32DiskImager – an open source app that is excellent for this The Screenly OSE custom image…