01 – The Open Source Writer
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Welcome to the relaunch of the Cyberpunk Librarian podcast! I’m back on the airwaves, or at the very least a wireless router or two, with a new podcast that’s pretty similar to the old podcast. As much as I love video and making videos, I find I just don’t have the time right now to roll them out as I’d like to. Meanwhile, I can make a podcast in an hour or so, and that’s start to finish. (Plus a little time to create an outline and stuff, but that can be done over the course of a week.) On this, the first episode of the relaunch, we’re going to talk about writing a book and paying nothing for software! Links Kubuntu Linux – Probably the easiest way to get Linux and KDE. Kate – The text editor for KDE. Comes standard with most installations of KDE. LibreOffice – The free, open source office suite. Writer2ePub – Create ePubs from your documents in LibreOffice Writer. Calibre – eBook management, eBook conversion, and so much more. XFCE – A lightweight desktop for Linux. You can easily get it with Xubuntu. LXDE…