the SIRI & BEK show: S1E2 - Preparing to Retire
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The dynamic partnership of Siri Lindley & Bek Keat share their inimitable enthusiasm for life in this episode as they discuss how important it is for athletes to truly examine who they really are beyond their sport as a way to find their path once they retire. Leaving a sport as an athlete can be hard for many who have made the sport their life and so often they don’t have a clear idea of what they will do after they retire. These two world champions are happily enjoying their retirement and know first hand what it can feel like when your life as a triathlete is no longer driven by swim, bike, run. Full show notes and links are on the show page of our website at For more conversations from the world of women’s sport visit us at and follow us on social media @WiSPsports. WiSP Sports Radio is the world’s largest network of podcasts for women’s sport with more than 700 episodes across 30 shows and a global audience of 1.5 million, and is available on podcast players such…