the SIRI & BEK show: S1E3 - The Toughest Challenge Could Become Your Biggest Victory
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World Champion triathletes Siri Lindley & Rebekah Keat share stories of how they overcame adversity during races such as equipment malfunction and exiting the swim at the back of the pack to turn the race around and even win world cups and a world championship. The message is never give up because the race is long and anything can happen if you’re determined and ambitious. Follow on social media - Team Sirius Tri Club on Facebook, Siri Lindley on Facebook, Rebekah Keat on Facebook - on Instagram @sirilindley, on Twitter @SELTS @rebekahkeat and @believeranchandrescue on Instagram, on Facebook and our website . For more conversations from the world of women’s sport including articles, blogs, videos and podcast visit WiSP Sports Radio is the World’s Largest Podcast Network for Women’s Sport with more than 760 episodes across 30 shows and a global audience of 1.5 million You’ll find it on all major podcast players such as iTunes and Google Play. And follow WiSP too on…