Dr. Kimberly Clay: Play Like A Girl
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Dr. Kimberly Clay is the President and CEO of I Play Like a Girl, a non profit organization which is creating programs and events that will inspire middle school girls to get out and play. Their mission is to advance the health and empowerment of girls through the transformative power of sport and physical activity, and to leverage the collective power of women to deliver the early, positive experiences middle school girls need to develop a lifelong commitment to play. Statistics show that all too often girls drop out of sports at the age of 14 so by creating after school programs the goal is to keep girls active in the hope that they remain physically engaged in activities throughout their life. As their organization evolved it became clear from research that something needed to be done about overweight and obesity in the female population so they shifted their focus specifically to the 11-14 age group. Kim shares the story of the organization’s development, their progress so far and plans for the future…