mentallyfit: S1E3 - The Negative Effects of Screen Time & Social Media
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December 15, 2017
Kendra Fisher offers a frank and realistic examination of the subtle ways that exposure to computers and social media is effecting all of us but critically its impact on children. She shares evidence of the effects that computer screens are having on young children and bases her recommendations for changing these habits on actual experiences explaining why limiting time is critical to development. The results of scientific studies show that children below the age of two should be limited to no more than 30 mins a day in front of a screen and why more exposure can lead to mental health issues. This is another critically important conversation with valuable advice and a wake-up call to us all on how we help maintain our mental health and crucially help others. If you are suffering from mental illness and would like to contact Kendra about any of the topics she covers on the show, please email in confidence to Complete show notes and links are on the Athlete Profile page at…