Kendra Fisher: Mentally Fit
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Kendra Fisher is a Canadian ice hockey goalie and inline hockey player although her story today is not so much about her successes as a professional athlete as the mental illness that changed the course of her career. As a young player she achieved considerable success and was at the point of trying out for the Canadian team when the physical symptoms stopped her in her tracks. She was eventually diagnosed with a Severe Anxiety Disorder, Severe Panic Attacks, Depression and Agoraphobia which were to change her forever. She was forced to leave the national program and put her health first, which took years of treatment and adjustment to learn to live with her mental illness. Kendra has reached a point where she has the tools to manage her conditions and is in a position to help others through motivational speaking and her website Mentally Fit. To find out more about visit For more conversations from the world of women’s sport visit us at and follow us on social media…