25: His Distrust of All Things Vulcan
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Star Trek Into Darkness hits Australian cinemas and the boys take the opportunity to dedicate an entire episode to pulling it apart and comparing it to the original series of Star Trek from the 1960s. Meanwhile, the boys try to determine the difference between Star Fleet and a military, and Bean laments the lack of Michael Dorn as a Klingon. Also, Jelly announces his love of DeForrest Kelley’s portrayal of Bones, complete with the excessive eye makeup and his tendency to go super-Southern under pressure (or when really relaxed). The Star Trek main theme is used in part for the opening theme of this episode. This music and its recording is copyright to its original owners. Its appearance on the show does not imply affiliation with, endorsement or sponsorship by, or approval of the copyright holders. The track can be purchased in full on the iTunes store as part of ‘The Ultimate Star Trek (Original Motion Picture Scores)’. Buy it and listen to it over and over. It’ll make your life better.