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We’re LIVE with the YaJagoff John Chamberlin, Chilla and Sorg. John is just off a wirlwind trip following last week’s Red Bull Flugtag, and is ready to talk some chat and Pittsburgh, including: John admits he’s here because of the Slice on Broadway pizza. John is also sharing some of the fun things he’s been doing – like hitting up porches and flugtagging. It’s time for our Awesome Thing of the Week segment! Chilla is sharing some Snapchat seamless video news. Is Snapchat’s seamless video option a way for them to try to stay in the game? Facebook is looking to do TV to reach a broader audience. John’s Awesome Thing of the Week is the Red Bull Flugtag. He just hasn’t been on air to talk about it yet. John is talking about the professional, sports-level production involved with the Red Bull Flugtag. Sorg’s Awesome Thing of the Week is actually a person – Mike Elgan, the digital nomad! If your stuff is branded, does it make you a higher profile target for theft? Apparently there’s a VR game you can CONTROL WITH…