Big Adobe Server in the Cloud | AwesomeCast 370
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We’re joined by Alex Kahrs this week. With both Alex and Chilla joining us remotely, Sorg is in studio with producer Missy and a Slice on Broadway pizza to themselves as we talk this week’s tech news, including: Hey guys, did YOU know iTunes is now Apple Podcasts? (Sorg may not have known.) Chilla is sharing the Nintendo Switch as his Awesome Thing of the Week. The Nintendo Switch seems to be doing better at this stage of the game than its recent predecessors. Alex and Sorg are tag-teaming their Awesome Thing of the Week with Adobe updates! Adobe is making development a little easier with their updates. Fan of Illustrator? There’s a plugin that lets you incorporate vector-based images into 3D images. Sorg is discussing Adobe updates with intuitive suggestions using AI integration. Lightroom is getting some upgrades as well – as in a hybrid app. Alex is talking about his transition from Garage Band to Audition for his Podcast. Adobe Spark is offering some premium options for branding. Pittsburgh sent a love…