Face Lasers | AwesomeCast 372
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Brian Crawford of The River’s Edge (and soon-to-be The Metal Edge) joins Sorg and Chilla to talk about this week’s tech news. Of note, they’re talking about: Brian is sharing some news about The Metal Edge! We’re learning things – like Pittsburgh has the 3rd largest metal scene. Brian is talking about his Chrome remote desktop app as his Awesome Thing of the Week. p.s. That Chrome remote desktop is FREE. Chilla is chiming in with low bandwidth and high response rates. We swear he’s giving it a legit thumbs-up. Sorg is apparently remodeling the studio with Amazon AR as his Awesome Thing of the Week. Of course we’re talking Star Wars box set versions. Who wants to talk comic books turned movies? Welcome to this week’s podcast. Chilla got his hands on an iPhone X and feels like he’s living in the future with his Awesome Thing of the Week. The iPhone X has been rated as the most breakable. But, has anything ever been rated as indestructible? iPhone X has facial recognition – or as we’re calling it FACE LASERS!…