12 Pounds of Intel Core | AwesomeCast 331
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This week on AwesomeCast 331, we’re talking about awesome acthings in technology, including: We've got Chilla in Studio C with Krause, Sorg, and Dudders in studio. We're reworking our Patreon - and there WILL be AwesomeCast Gold in the near future. Talking some hot merchandise with Chilla as his Awesome Thing Of The Week Out of CES Chilla is bringing us the Razer 3-monitor laptop as his Awesome Thing Of The Week. Dudders is focusing on the most important part of CES - augmented reality p0rn as her Awesome Thing Of The Week. Krause follows with his Awesome Thing Of The Week - his first Uber ride (not from Sorg). Sorg's Awesome Thing Of The Week is how Wendy's trolled someone so hard he deleted his account. Wrestling Mayhem Show crossover: Wendy's discussion with TNA social media account also a thing. Sorg's favorite never frozen pizza is Slice. We even did a Facebook LIVE with our favorite guys today! (Check it out.) This week's App Of The Week is from Chilla - the Continual app (normally $7.99) is now free.…