Hop A Rocket | AwesomeCast 367
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Cynthia Closkey of Shift Collaborative joins us in studio this week. She talks with Sorg, Katie, and Chilla about this week’s tech news, including: Cynthia is giving us a quick share about what she’s up to at Shift Collaborative. Catch her AwesomeChat this week! Cynthia is sharing her Awesome Thing of the Week – her new AirPods! Cynthia is sharing her AirPod hack – using one while charging the other to extend usage. Katie is sharing Instagram Stories polls as her Awesome Thing of the Week. It’s Choose-Your-Own-Dudders-Adventure time with Katie! Amazon released some new devices, and Chilla is getting us up to date as his Awesome Thing of the Week. Sorg’s Awesome Thing of the Week is from PodCamp Pittsburgh this past weekend – Hashtag Immerse. Twitter is expanding from 140 to 280 characters! We have some mixed thoughts. AR Dragon is out, and it’s got the cutest AR integration. Speaking of AR, Mulango blew Chilla’s mind with the AR poster he brought with him to PodCamp. We’re talking about the future being here…