Don’t Eat the Raspberry Pi | AwesomeCast 345
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The prodigal daughter, Katie, returns this week to keep Sorg and Chilla in check while Brian Crawford of The River’s Edge joins us for AwesomeCast 345. They’re talking about some of this week’s awesome things in technology, including: Brian is talking about the Millvale Music Festival and their cool Google Maps integration as his Awesome Thing of the Week. The Millvale Music Festival is also looking at integrating Google Calendar interfacing too. Geeks + Music = ROCK Katie is giving a shout out to Chilla for her Awesome Thing of the Week – the Real Doll with Harmony AI. AI without the Real Doll. The conversation is really geeky over here. This is how we get Sky Net, people. Chilla is telling us about the Coachella stolen iPhone caper – solved by Find My iPhone. As if Sorg isn’t geeky enough running a tech podcast. He has a Go Pro bag of holding. Don’t have a Go Pro? It’s okay, Sorg’s bag of holding comes with iPhone or 360 Camera attachments, too. Thanks to Rizz for making us hungry for pancakes thanks to…