Doom Doom Doom Doom Doom | AwesomeCast 343
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Sorg and Chilla are on their own for AwesomeCast 343. They’re talking about some of this week’s awesome things in technology, including:AC Hey guys…WE MOVED! Awesome Cast is now over at www.AwesomeCast.COM! (Still have the .net so don’t worry.) It’s time for our Awesome Thing of the Week! Sorg is sharing a real-life Iron Man suit. $50K to build a homemade prototype Iron Man suit? We’re kinda impressed. Chilla is sharing some Samsung news following last week’s updates. Samsung‘s Gear 360 caught Chilla’s attention. Of course Samsung is releasing a new phone, but Chilla’s interested in the dock. Have a device under the 10″ mark? Microsoft Office should be free for use. Sorg is sharing some thoughts on WWE’s 360 video with Kurt Angle. Are people developing 360 video for video in general or for a goggles experience? Thanks to Brandon for sharing Gamer Gauntlet 2017 as his Awesome Thing of the Week. Doug shared some FREE stuff this week – as in Google Optimize free. Geeks are all just big kids at heart. We’re…