I Think I’m a Twizzler? | AwesomeCast 363
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September 5, 2017
This week we’ve got James Deighan of Megacat Studios in studio, and he brings a friend from Sorg’s other world (the Wrestling Mayhem Show) with him. It’s a great chat with them and our usual suspects, Sorg and Chilla, as they talk about: Otherwise, James develops games, when not stuck behind a microphone in studio. Chilla has paper. We are super confused. With Chilla talking about Hershey Park, we may have lost Producer Missy to a chocolate haze. Chilla may have stolen this piece of paper he’s holding from another family at Hershey Park. Planning a trip to Hershey Park? There’s a layer of wifi – and it’s interactive to their digital map! Dear Kennywood – take some cues from Hershey Park, please. It’ll make user experience so much better. Chilla feels the Hershey Park experience makes it worth another trip. James is sharing Full Quiet as his Awesome Thing of the Week. We’re talking some game development with our game developer, James Deighan. As a secondary Awesome Thing of the Week, James is talking some Log…