Teraflops | AwesomeCast 352
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Sorg is back in studio, and we’re getting creative due to an internet service outage. We’re not going to let it stop us from talking about what’s new in tech this week – including some E3 chat! Chilla joins Sorg for a little extra geeky AwesomeCast 352, including: Sorg troubleshoots some tech outages while podcasting. Verizon has failed this podcast this week. E3 was a thing that happened this week. We’re sharing some of the gaming news you should know. Microsoft is giving us a backwards compatible console. If we’re not live for next week’s show, we may be playing some Crimson Skies. Pokemon GO has some anniversary events for players. Sorg made some friends while traveling thanks to Pokemon GO gym takedowns. There may be a “proper” Pokemon game via Nintendo Switch in our future. We’re having some great discussions about Playstation Pro. Teraflops are not to be confused with terrible flops. Is XBox worth the $100 more than its competitors? Chilla wants SSDs as an option for his gaming consoles. Sorg and…