This Isn’t Your Grandma’s Chromebook | AwesomeCast 368
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Sorg and Chilla are keeping it real this week, as they’re talking this week’s tech news, including: We’ve made updates to streaming quality. You’d never notice Chilla’s not in studio – except he has no Slice. Start at the $20 Executive Level on Patreon this week – and we’ll move the brick wall to the new studio. It’s time for Chilla’s Awesome Thing of the Week. He’s sharing the AirBeam TV App so he can mirror his phone to any TV. If you can airplay it, Air Beam TV app can stream it to your TV. Sorg is holding onto AOL Instant Messenger as his Awesome Thing of the Week. We’re asking folks what their AOL Instant Messenger screen name was back in the day. Do you remember your ICQ number? Shout out to our friends at Meta Mesh and their recent grant to bring free WiFi to Pittsburgh. Shout out to Mobile Nom definitely worth checking them out! There was a Google announcement last week! Chilla’s giving us a quick rundown of his best of the best! Chilla is recommending Google Clips as his takeaway from the recent…