AIY Is The New DIY | AwesomeCast 348
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Sorg, Chilla, and Katie are talking about some of this week’s tech news for AwesomeCast 348, including: We’re turning down the geek knob a little and getting into this week’s Awesome Cast (Special Edition). Shout out to our Pittsburgh Marathon peeps as it’s the thing to do during marathon weekend. It’s time for our Awesome Thing of the Week and Katie has a Google Docs PSA. Katie is deep-diving some things we may take for granted with app permission authorizations. Google Docs phishing attack tips: Check before opening. Use a 2-step authentication process to help circumvent. Chilla is sharing Annotable as his Awesome Thing of the Week. Annotable has handy tools for editing screenshots and pictures on the go. Sorg is sharing a Raspberry Pi kit (get it with Mag Pi) to turn it into a dirt cheap Google Home competitor. AIY is DIY for tech! (Automate It Yourself) Sorg is a fan of electronics and cardboard options. We have lots of stories from folks in our Facebook group! Thanks to Brandon for sharing the Alexa…