Internet of the Brain | AwesomeCast 342
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Sorg and Chilla are joined by Kenny Chen of Ascender for AwesomeCast 342 talking about awesome things in technology, including:AC Kenny is telling us about what he does at Ascender. Cool guy doing cool things. It’s time for Chilla’s Awesome Thing of the Week and he’s telling us about Samsung. p.s. Want to check out what’s new in Samsung? They have a huge announcement TOMORROW. Show of hands: Who carries both an iPhone and Android device for one reason or another? Sorg is getting stalkerish with his friends. Google Maps location sharing will make it easier. We’ve talked about XPrize previously. Kenny is sharing Qualcomm Tricorder XPrize as his Awesome Thing of the Week. What kind of geeks would we be if we didn’t mention Elon Musk and his neuralink? Neuralink: It’s like IoT and the Internet of the Brain. Donating computer resources is still a thing – just like it was in 1995. We’re talking about how we can technologically enhance our perfect pepperoni pizza experience with Slice on Broadway. Thank you Brandon…