Climbing Aboard the A-Train | AwesomeCast 356
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It’s the last episode in the current Mayhem Studio! We’ll be in our new digs on Broadway Avenue for next week. But, until then, join Sorg, Chilla, and Katie as they talk what’s new in tech this week for AwesomeCast 356, including: We’re having a couch party next week. Check out our Facebook event for details! AwesomeChat will be back after our move next week, too! Chilla is sharing his Awesome Thing of the Week. Let’s say fishbowl, iPhone, and AR. Have you caught Planet of the Apps? Chilla is talking about some AR concepts from the show. Who has a HoloLens Sorg can borrow? Chilla is speculating Apple will be coming up with their own HoloLens solution. Interested in hunting a serial killer? There’s a box for that! Katie is telling us all about it. Sorg is finally catching up with some Alexa. Thanks to Prime Day he treated himself to an Echo Dot. Alexa is teaching Sorg how to not kill the pets while Missy is away. Sorg is comparing Siri to Alexa and how he uses each differently. Chilla is teaching Sorg how to…