Decepticon Bag | AwesomeCast 346
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Sorg, Chilla and Katie are joined by Ryan Haggerty of Haggerty Media this week for AwesomeCast 346. The crew is talking about some of this week’s awesome things in technology, including: Remember to check out this week’s AwesomeChat with Ashleigh Deemer when it’s released later this week, too! Ryan is sharing a DIY iPhone 6s as his Awesome Thing of the Week this week. For those who may have missed it, Katie is sharing her Gobblerito experience. Gobblerito aside, Katie is sharing Alien In Utero and its VR experience. We’ve got some S8 updates – including Chilla’s Awesome Thing of the Week…his bag to carry one. Want to soar with the eagles at the Pittsburgh National Aviary? Sorg is telling us about Birdly. Have a site that’s not working? Check out to confirm if it’s just you! Brandon is sharing the Arcade Bar concept as his fan submission Awesome Thing of the Week. We do have some great arcade options in Pittsburgh – like PAPA and Looking For Group. Nintendo is working on the…