301: AwesomeCast 298: It Starts With Viv
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We're getting geeky and talking tech, social media, and more with the local nerds that use it on AwesomeCast 298! We've got our usual characters - Chilla and Sorg. And we're joined by Ryan Haggerty of Haggerty Media this week! Speaking of our guest - make sure to check out Haggerty Media's movie Blood On The Leaves at Hollywood Theater in Dormont. Shout out to our Patreon supporters @ThistleSea and @mikefedorshow. They think we're awesome. We think they're pretty swell too. And, if you love the show as much as we do, feel free to check us out Thursdays on River's Edge. Chilla is sharing his Awesome Thing Of The Week from the company that brought us Siri, they're working on Viv. We're talking about the prospect of Viv talking to other AI for more integration. Lytro cams at NAB. Of course our camera guy Ryan has his Awesome Thing Of The Week! VRidge is doing PC VR games. Our in-house gamer Sorg and his Awesome Thing Of The Week are talking options. Speaking of video - we love Adobe Post. And, now there's a…