Double Dongle Dudders | AwesomeCast 378
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It's a New Year and the core co-hosts, Dudders, Sorg and Chilla catch up with new tech and news catch up. This week they’re talking about: Chilla got a surprise package with Beam, a wearable smart button. He also loves his "Haikus are easy" shirt from The Flash. Katie shares with us her new iHome and Canon Printer that uses refillable "Mega Tanks" Sorg got to use to get the best route for Christmas cookie deliveries. Katie is surprised by the amount of apps sold on Christmas Day. Bobby Cherry shares a video of Mario Kart VR. Brandon gets us started on the iPhone slow down controversy as we give tips on taking advantage of the $29 battery replacement offer. Mike Fedor shared with use the first FCC approved distance charging. Brian Crawford shared with us his Christmas Awesome of the Samsung Dex Doc! Google Maps will let you know when to get off the bus! Chilla has some interest in the WiBa wireless doc. But is it too big? Kodi returns to Xbox with a new Xbox One app. But it's still developing.…