In the Kitchen at CES 2018 | AwesomeCast 379
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We’ve got Brian Conway on the couch with Katie. Sorg is at the helm, and Chilla is in Studio C. It must be podcast day! This week we’re talking about: Katie is reconsidering her Awesome Thing of the Week from last week. Katie is double dongle disappointed this week. Sorg is showing off his $5 VR device as his Awesome Thing of the Week. Brian Conway is spoiling 30-year-old movies for us this week, apparently. Brian Conway is sharing his particular level of tech savvy as his Awesome Thing of the Week: King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard’s 5-album release in 2017. Chilla’s Awesome Thing of the Week is more home automation tech from Wemo. So, there’s a Pittsburgh VR meetup at Ascender coming up. Chilla is sharing some CES 2018 updates. Chilla’s got us excited about a 4k Android TV for $350 thanks to CES 2018 updates! Because of our random TV talk, Katie is sharing a TV you can install above your oven! Samsung is teaching Bixby to count calories in your food. Toyota is offering Alexa in new cars? The first…