Windows Hipster | AwesomeCast 362
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We’ve got Ron “Krazy” Krause in studio this week joining Sorg and Katie, with Chilla reporting in from Studio C. They’re talking some of the current tech news, including: Katie is sharing her Awesome Thing of the Week. It involves cats and Backblaze. PSA: Remember to back up your stuff. Krause’s Awesome Thing of the Week is so awesome he doesn’t even have it in hand yet – the Pixel C. Chilla is talking about Oreo but not Oreos. There is a HUGE difference. Sometimes an iPad is more convenient – even for a Microsoft guy. Chilla is sharing an Apple release of AR kit apps and information as his Awesome Thing of the Week. We’ve got first world zombie problems over here, guys. Sorg’s Awesome Thing of the Week is Windows 7. (Yes, this is still 2017.) Sorg just proclaimed himself as a Windows hipster. Smart signals in Pittsburgh will help beat traffic jams. Tired of your kids not replying to your texts? There’s an app for that! Even though Doug Derda isn’t on the show tonight, we’re talking about his chat from…