Alt Gov Rundown | AwesomeCast 334
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This week on AwesomeCast 334, we’re talking about awesome things in technology with Sorg, Chilla, Producer Missy and Aaron Parkus, including: There's a movie industry in Pittsburgh. We have proof on tonight's show! It's time for our Awesome Thing Of The Week with Chilla talking about Linea. Sorg is talking robots as his Awesome Thing Of The Week - particularly robots that will make you coffee. A cloud thunder and lightening performance system and speaker is Missy's Awesome Thing Of The Week. Aaron is sharing a great Kickstarter project for a steadicam as his Awesome Thing Of The Week. We're saddened by the passing of the father of Pacman, Masaya Nakamura. (via Brandon) Amanda shared an Awesome Thing Of The Week - Kamigami Robots (NOTE: She has Facebook Ads to thank.) With everything going on in the world, there's a lot happening in tech. Alt Gov twitter accounts are a thing! What gets Sorg reading Forbes? Rogue POTUS staff accounts! Pittsburgh tunnels are getting enhanced cellular service! AI wins Texas…