Episode 329: Don’t put your solar panel in my back yard | AwesomeCast 321
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Sorg has the new Pebble 2 +Heart Rate Smartwatch fresh from Kickstarter. Chilla recently visited the Imaginarium escape room Matt W sends us this awesome DIY Surface Hub table Google Flights is updating with predictive rates This American Life has a novel new way to share their Podcast clips…as videos! Solar City offers rebates to AirBnB users. Why is this Digital Picture Frame from Joy better than just another iPad? Eat at Slice on Broadway if you are in the Pittsburgh area! It is Awesome! (sliceonbroadway.com) Follow these awesome people on Twitter: John Chichilla (@chilla,ChillaTech.net) and Mike Sorg (@Sorgatron, SorgatronMedia.com). Thanks to our Awesome Patreon @MikeFedorShow! You can support the show too at Patreon.com/awesomecast ! Also, check out sorgatronmedia.com and awesomecast.net for more entertainment; and view us live streaming Tuesdays at 7 PM EST at live.awesomecast.net!Support AwesomeCast: Tech and Gadget Talk