Roomba Fight Club | AwesomeCast 344
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Sorg and Chilla are on their own for AwesomeCast 343. They’re talking about some of this week’s awesome things in technology, including: We start off the show with Chilla and the Iron Man helmet! He is giving Robert Downey Jr. a run for his money Sorg is behind the giant robot fight club…but is already breaking Rule #1 of Giant Robot Fight Club. Chilla and Sorg discuss the ins-and-outs of of selling data to strangers and if we should move to Canada. Finally, Microsoft tells people to "Upgrade to Windows 7", as their updates for Windows Vista cease. Youtube limits payments to over 10,000 view accounts. But it's not that bad. Sorg discusses YouTubeTV and how SPORTS plays a major role in its potential success. Are you happy with Amazon picking up Twitter's Thursday Night Football streaming service? After the show remember to: Eat at Slice on Broadway (@Pgh_Slice) if you are in the Pittsburgh area! It is Awesome! ( Follow these awesome people on Twitter: Mike Sorg (@Sorgatron) and John…